Want to look better naked...

in just 10 workouts?

Well…what if there was a workout package that was done-for-you AND you didn’t need equipment or more than a lunch break??


Introducing… The Look Better Naked (@home) Program from World’s Best Boot Camp.

The three things we’ve done (that no one else can even utter)…

1. Teach you WHAT movement patterns to do to drop body fat (it DOES matter)

2. Planned Progressive Programming – The sequence of these movements will make you burn more fat (and honestly, make that butt nicer).

3. Working off a legacy of success – we’ve trained 10s of THOUSANDS to do just this.

Get started today. LBN@Home is available for Instant Download!

So you’ve done pushups and squats before and STILL haven’t seen results?

We find that most clients have never been taught how to do proper squats and push ups…

HALF pushups and squats produce half results!

That’s why we’ve seen booties and arms that could be more toned if they just DID THE RIGHT MOVEMENTS!

With the Look Better Naked @Home program…you get:

  • 10 workouts that work for ANY schedule
  • each workout is between 10-20 minutes
  • mobility training
  • nutrition and cooking advice
  • online support (private Facebook group)
  • someone doing EVERY SINGLE workout right beside you
  • mentally stronger (you’re stronger than those cupcakes in your fridge)
  • and the whole naked thing…

Available now for $19.95

Add to Cart. Look Better Naked.

LBN@Home is a downloadable product. You will get instant access to all of the content after your transaction is completed. Nothing will be shipped. 🙂

Please consult your physician before beginning this or any exercise program. It is your responsibility to listen to your body and honor your individual needs. LBN and WBBC HQ assume no responsibility for personal injury through use of this product.